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Many Athletes struggle with a variety of issues affecting performance. As a Licensed Clinician and Sports Performance Consultant, I truly understand that every individual has different needs and experiences.

Teams & Coaches

Team presentation and workshop can enhance trust among teammates, improve communication, reduce conflict and develop leadership.


There is no greater relationship in sport then the relationship between a golfer and their caddy. Most times a caddy plays an integral role in the golfers' overall ability to perform at their peak. Their relationship is a unique dynamic only seen in golf.

Athlete Wellness Philosophy

Today's athletes encounter more obstacles than ever before. Surrounded by pressure on and off the field, athletes are always expected to perform at the highest level. As a former collegiate athlete and coach, I know firsthand how those pressures can directly affect ones' ability, confidence and self-esteem.

My name is Ed Darrah and I am Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor. My Sports Performance Consulting practice is geared to help athletes at all levels become the best and healthiest athlete/individual they can be. My Athlete-Centered approach draws from my clinical, athletic and coaching background. In addition, I use Sport Psychology Principles and Concepts to help athletes improve, increase and restore performance qualities.

My philosophy as a sport performance consultant is to assist athletes, teams, coaches and parents in all aspects of performance enhancement and mental wellness. Focusing on sports and life, I work from a holistic style that enables athletes to attain greater progress in their performance. Combining both a clinical perspective and sport psychology principles my athletes reach their highest potential. I also provide consultations, presentations and workshops for various athletic teams and companies on sport and performance psychology.

I firmly believe the holistic needs of student-athletes are paramount for harmonizing success during the life span for both athletic achievement and overall quality of life. I lean on the foundations of my Athlete-Centered approach that is built around congruence and authenticity, unconditional positive regard and empathy. The pillars of my Athlete-Centered approach are exemplified between the working relationships with my clients; similar to a player and coach dynamic.